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Which is the best WordPress hosting in 2021?

You may have decided to create a WordPress website and think about which WordPress hosting service to choose so that the WordPress website is fast, stable and, if necessary, can receive professional support. Which WordPress hosting to choose and which of the WordPress hosts will be able to provide quality?

There are many hosting companies available  that offer WordPress hosting. Unfortunately, I often come across low-quality WordPress hosting providers, I have tried a lot of WordPress hosting and compared the performance of WordPress websites. In this article, I will reflect on my personal experience.

Of all the WordPress hosts I’ve used, I can highlight two that are good or even very good. The first from Cloud hosting, the second from Shared hosting.

Cloudways WordPress Cloud hostings

Definitely in the first place Cloudways. This hosting offers several cloud providers: Digiatl Ocean, AWS, Google Cloud, Vultr and Linode. I have a very positive experience with Digital Ocean. On Cloudways you can choose from several hosting plans, starting at $ 10 per month, which includes 1GB of RAM, 1 core processor and 25GB of space. When installing the WordPress application, it is possible to automatically install the Cloudways cache plugin and the Bot protection plugin. There is also built-in security, if someone tries to connect to the WordPress admin panel without authorization, the IP address from which the connection attempts to connect is blocked.

Load WordPress Sites in as fast as 37ms!

The biggest advantages of Cloudways WordPress hosting are:

  • very easy and fast to set up your own server through Cloudways control panel;
  • you can add WordPress via the Applications section, the installation process is amazingly fast and convenient;
  • The speed is very good;
  • Price – The price, given that this is not standard shared hosting, is very good. Because at other hosting sites that I have come across and that offer similar solutions, the prices are much higher.
  • Scalability – You can easily enlarge the plan at any time;


  • Registration. When you register, you will have a 3-day TRIAL period in which you can try out how everything works and get acquainted with the control panel. But there is one downside, sometimes you may not receive an activation confirmation email when you register recently, or you may be asked to send a link to your facebook profile and scan another document when you register. This is their extra security, which they introduced to eliminate the fact that robots register and verify their identity. However, my experience shows that they can be written and told to activate an account without documents, because as a citizen of the European Union I do not want to give anyone my data like a copy of a document and then they activate the account. This, of course, slightly lengthens and complicates the registration process, but it’s worth it. Because Cloudways is by far the best hosting I have used.

Advantages of Cloudways WordPress hosting

24/7/365 support

Free online support. Various handy tools in the control panel.


Freedom to terminate the contract at any time and transfer the website to another hosting.

Free trial

If you switch from another hosting, the first website transfer will be for free.

Free SSL sertificates

All hosting plans include SSL certificates to ensure the security of the website and to comply with Google’s guidelines.

Pay as you go

Possibility to pay only for consumed resources – Pay as You go. Easily increase resources at any time or for a limited time (such as on campaigns).

Unlimited applications

Regardless of the plan, you can add an unlimited number of applications to the server.

Reviews of Cloudways

Labākais Wordpress hostings atsauskmes Trustpilot

SiteGround Web hosting

SiteGround also offers Cloud hosting, but Cloudways cloud hosting is more affordable and more convenient to administer. In this section I will look at SiteGround web hosting, directly on the web rather than WordPress, because as my experience with SiteGround web hosting shows, there are more tools and options than the Siteground WordPress hosting control panel. You can choose SiteGround Web hosting if you need to host a simple site with not too much traffic and you need a cheaper alternative than Cloudways. Prices for the smallest plan are from about 5 Euros per month.

Siteground hosting is relatively easy to register, there is also a built-in tool for automatic installation of WordPress, SiteGround hosting also has its own plugins specifically for WordPress optimization – SG Optimizer, which optimizes images, has a cache function and many other features, you can read more about this: SG Optimizer. The plugin is not “heavy” and does not require any other WordPress optimization plugins.

Web Hosting

What is the price of CloudWays WordPress hosting?

Cloudways WordPress hosting offers several pricing plans starting at $ 10 per month. The plan should be chosen depending on the power required for your WordPress website or Woocommerce online store and the size of the files.

What is WordPress hosting?

WordPress hosting is hosting where the technical parameters, configuration, control panel of the servers are adjusted for the most convenient and optimal work with WordPress. WordPress hosts usually have all the necessary extensions, modules, applications and built-in tools installed specifically for WordPress.

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