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Every company has its own internal processes and procedures and each company has its own specifics. There are many different ready-made business application solutions available, but these solutions do not always meet the needs of companies.

DG WEB FACTORY will create a web solution tailored to your company. Together with you, we will analyze the needs of your company and create a modern, efficient and powerful web solution that will increase the productivity of your company!


customized web solutions for your business

A web application is software that uses a web browser to process and display information to a user. For example, it can enable your company’s customers to interact with your business through communication forms, forms, shopping carts, order processing, application processing, and more.

Custom web applications are applications that are not available as ready-made products and are designed specifically for a specific purpose and company.

For custom web applications, we create a content management system that is tailored to your company, so that your company’s employees can work with the application in the most convenient way possible.

In a customized web solution, we can implement virtually any of your ideas to ensure faster achievement of your company’s goals and improved efficiency.


high quality standards

Identifying your business needs is the most important step in developing an application. Because it is this stage that determines the entire further course of the project and its successful implementation. Therefore, we will carry out an in-depth analysis of the requirements and develop an effective action plan.

We follow standards and industry best practices for developing custom web applications.

We will create a scalable and powerful web application, choosing the most suitable tools and technologies for your project.

Let’s take advantage of the latest technology to create a convenient content management system, beautiful design and excellent application performance.


Custom inventory systems development

DG WEB FACTORY software development company can create high-quality and customized IT solutions that will optimize and simplify your warehouse management processes. Our warehousing solutions can be used effectively by both large companies in various industries and medium and small companies.

IT solutions for logistics and transport

DG WEB FACTORY software will speed up your company’s logistics and delivery management processes, as well as improve the efficiency of materials, goods, cargo, sales orders, inventory and production management.

Software development for the medical industry

DG WEB FACTORY provides full cycle IT software development solutions. We have developed IT solutions that work just as accurately as surgeons.

Development of education and training IT systems

Introduce innovation in your learning process! Development of customized e-learning solutions for private and public educational institutions, as well as large and small enterprises.

IoT solutions

With the growing popularity of IoT and Internet-connected devices in almost every industry, we are keeping up with the latest technology trends and offering state-of-the-art IoT software development solutions.

Customized customer relationship management (CRM) systems

DG WEB FACTORY will develop a complete, efficient and user-friendly CRM solution that allows you to record and track customer interactions.

Development of customized Resource Management Systems (ERP)

Development of ERP systems tailored to your business processes that will help you achieve your business goals faster and more efficiently.

Real estate management systems

From payment processing and property maintenance planning to signing lease documents.

Development of customized financial accounting IT systems

Development of accounting and financial accounting software.


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