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We can add as many languages as you need to your online store. Let’s add a language switcher with the possibility to switch between several languages on the website. Give us translations and we’ll create a multilingual site.

You can also add RTL languages (right-to-left spelling).

There is also an option to add a Google Translator that will automatically translate the webpage into any language. However, when using this option, keep in mind that Google Translate doesn’t always provide accurate and professional translation.

Multiple languages can be added to both the front-end and content administration panel.


about multi-language sites

How many languages can be added to the online store?

An unlimited number of languages can be added to the online shops developed by DG WEB FACTORY.

Does DG WEB FACTORY provide translation services?

DG WEB FACTORY does not provide translation services, we are a website development company and we provide the development of multilingual functionality on the website and the placement of content in different languages.

Can I add additional languages in the future if there is one language on the website?

Yes, if the website was originally created in one language, you can add additional languages and expand the functionality of the website at any time in the future.


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