Product filters and product comparsion


product filters for e-shop

Product filters are an important part of an online store to ensure that your e-commerce site users have a good shopping experience and that your customers can quickly find the items they need.
We will create an opportunity in the online store to filter products by price, price range, colors, sizes, materials or any other product attributes added to the products.
The online store also allows you to add products in different order, such as highest to lowest price, lowest to highest price, date added, popularity, alphabetical order, and more.



Comparing products in the online store allows you to compare two or more products according to different product parameters.

For example, if you sell vacuum cleaners online, the user on the website can compare multiple vacuum cleaners by power, speed, size and other parameters by displaying the products side by side in a table.

The user chooses which products to add to the comparison and a comparison table is automatically generated, which allows the potential buyer to compare several products in a visually clear way and choose the most suitable one.


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