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Nowadays, mobile devices have become an integral part of everyday life and most online store visitors visit websites from their smartphones.

We have noticed that practically all customers receive more than 50% of their visits directly from mobile devices, so it is very important to pay attention to this moment when developing online stores.

DG WEB FACTORY will develop an online store that will be adapted for Desktop, Tablet and Mobile devices, with a particular focus on website design on mobile devices, so that users can easily shop from a mobile device as well.

Instant calling, easy navigation, Apple pay and Google pay payment options, easy product filtering and a mobile search engine – all of which will be thought of when designing your online store!


about responsive design

What is a responsive website / online store design?

Responsive design is a graphical user interface (GUI) design approach used to create content that adapts evenly to different screen sizes. Designers add dimensions to website elements in relative units (%) and use multimedia queries so that website elements can automatically adjust to the size of the browser to ensure the consistency of website content on all devices, whether mobile, desktop, or tablet.

Why is adaptive online store design important?

Custom design can solve many problems. This will make the website friendly for mobile devices, improve the appearance of the website on devices with large and small screens and increase the time visitors spend on your website, which is essential for SEO and increasing the conversion of the website.

Most website users visit websites from mobile devices, and if the website or online store does not display correctly on a mobile phone, users will leave the page immediately and make no purchases, as they will not waste their time.

Does DG WEB FACTORY develop responsive online stores?

Yes, DG WEB FACTORY designs and has always developed websites and online stores with a responsive design, as it is an integral and self-evident part of modern website development.


customized and convenient for all devices

Consistency and connectivity

If the website does not provide a consistent browsing experience across platforms, it is almost guaranteed that it will not satisfy your website or online store visitors, resulting in higher bounce rates and mass abandonment of your website.

Blank space

When designing customized websites, the main priority is to provide a user-friendly experience.

Care must be taken to ensure that element gaps and distances between elements do not disappear on smaller screens. Font sizes and line spacing should adjust to the screen.


The navigation elements of a customized website play an important role, as the quality of the user experience depends to a large extent on them. Users want to find what they are looking for intuitively and without difficulty.

Optimized images

Despite the fact that the Internet is fast today, image optimization is still essential to speed up a website’s load time.
Load time has a huge impact on both user patience and leaving the website.


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