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E-commerce is constantly evolving, and so are the technologies and capabilities used in online stores. It is possible that at the time of developing the online store, you did not yet know everything you want to implement in your online store, and it is time to improve several things, but with your online store developer, for some reason, the contact has been lost.
We often encounter situations where the owners of existing online stores contact us to help and make changes to the website. We gladly take on such tasks and help to realize their wishes.
Such tasks can include the introduction of new functionalities, redesign, and SEO for the online store.


website maintenance

The online store, like any website, requires maintenance to ensure the continuous and stable operation of the online store. Online store maintenance plans include several options – installing updates to popular CMS systems, consulting and training users, adding new functionalities and much more.
Contact DG WEB FACTORY specialists and find out about the most suitable maintenance options for your online store.


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