Unlimited number of products


unlimited number of products

The number of products that can be added to your online store depends on the online store platform and how the online store is designed.

Many platforms allows to add an unlimited number of products, but keep in mind that the more products you have, the more you will have to invest in optimizing your online store to ensure good performance and performance on a large number of products. It is also important to choose the right platform or CMS for effective performance of the online store.

For example, with WooCommerce  is possible to create store with 100,000+ products, but such store will need optimization, proper configuration and right server choise. Therefore, in cases where there is a large volume of products, we recommend using platforms that are more suitable for larger volumes from the outset and whose main functionality is an online store, such as Prestashop for medium and large online stores and Magento for large online stores.

DG WEB FACTORY will develop an online store based on your needs, we will choose the most suitable technical solution to make your website work as efficiently as possible.


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