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DG WEB FACTORY uses Vue.js to create high-speed, high-quality and visually appealing websites that meet its objectives.

Our goal is to provide our customers with the best solutions and quality programming services. That’s why one of our specialties is Vue.js, which is a JavaScript framework with various tools for creating high-performance websites and applications.

Vue.js Acquires is one of the most popular JavaScript frameworks. It is used even by such genders as Facebook, Adobe, Xiaomi, Alibaba, EuroNews, Grammarly, GitLab, Behance.

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The digital world is constantly changing and evolving. This requires new approaches and advanced methods in developing web solutions. We create IT solutions that meet the highest technological standards. We create user-friendly and efficient applications that can be integrated into the company’s existing IT ecosystem.

One of the reasons we use Vue.js in various development projects is the modern and advanced nature of this JavaScript framework.

VUE.JS is designed to be easily customizable. It is easy to integrate with other existing projects and different libraries. It also works well with HTML and JavaScript templates. Vue.js can be integrated with virtually any JavaScript application.

Vue.js is very light, which will ensure the speed of both your application and the development process itself.



Vue.js also offers better code readability and a much cleaner structure than other JavaScript frameworks, making development much faster.

Vue.js offers a solution like Single File Components that combines a template, component definitions, and CSS into a single file. Which provides better structure and faster loading of web applications.

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Vue.Js one page applications

Development of one-page applications and user interfaces using Vue.Js.

Custom Vue.Js applications

Customized Vue.js website development services based on the needs of your business. Development of a full cycle, from project planning to maintenance.

Vue.Js support and maintenance

Maintenance and support services to ensure continuous, fast and stable operation of applications and websites.

Vue.Js migration

Upgrading Vue.JS applications with the latest features to ensure optimal functionality.


about Vue.js

What is Vue.js?

Vue.js is an open source Model – view – viewmodel JavaScript framework for building user interfaces and applications.

Why use Vue.js?

  • Extensive and detailed documentation available on Vue.js;
  • Provides speed, clean code;
  • The large Vue.js community, which means you can get answers to a variety of questions and problems quickly;
  • Advanced UI Kits for Vue.js;
  • Vue.js’s out-of-the-box features for creating animations.
  • Easy to integrate into any project;
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