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will increase the quality

DG WEB FACTORY can help you with website development projects by assessing the quality of your website development work.

We will explain the condition of your website in a language you understand and provide suggestions for improvements. We will prepare recommendations for improvements in “understandable language” for the developer. We can present the recommendations to you or directly to the developer. By engaging us in the evaluation of website development projects during the development process or in the evaluation of an already completed project, we provide consultations and create technical tasks. By engaging an independent expert, you can get a side view of your website project and an objective evaluation.


what we check

checkboxEvaluating the usability of the website (evaluating whether the website is user-friendly, diagnosing problems and suggesting improvements)

checkboxWebsite design evaluation (it is evaluated whether the design, colors, layout is consistent and appropriate to the specific area and company).

checkbox Web page speed

checkboxWeb page performance.

checkboxWebsite technical evaluation.

checkboxFor WordPress websites – an assessment of the current status (whether there are the latest system, plugin and theme updates, problem diagnosis, it is checked whether the website is based on good practice).


When website developer presents you with the final version of the website

Your website is under construction and website development is nearing completion. The website developer presents you with the final version of the website. How to check that the website is of high quality, in accordance with the specification and that it contains everything you have agreed on? DG WEB FACTORY can carry out an independent audit and assess whether the website has been developed in accordance with the specification agreed with the website developer.

Assessment of the condition of the existing website

Do you have a website, but do you have any problems or do you not achieve your goals? We can assess the condition of the website, identify problems and suggest improvements. You will be able to provide a description of the suggestions to your developer. After implementing the recommendations, we can perform quality control to verify that the improvements have been made correctly.

SEO assessment

Do you have a partner who provides SEO services, but you are not sure if the right steps are being taken to achieve your SEO goals and you want to check the quality of the services provided? We can evaluate the SEO of your website and provide SEO recommendations. You can pass these suggestions on to your SEO service provider. The recommendations will be written in a “technical language” understandable to the SEO service provider.

Support in choosing a website development partner

Website development is offered by hundreds of developers. How to choose the right one and how to assess the developer’s competence DG WEB FACTORY experts can negotiate with you with potential developers to assess potential service providers as an independent expert.

Project manager outsourcing

Do you need a new website in the company or do you want to transform the existing one, but there is no employee in the company who has the appropriate competence to formulate tasks for the developer and check the quality of the work done? Engage DG WEB FACTORY as an independent expert for the duration of the project. The DG WEB FACTORY consultant will provide project management on your part for the duration of the project and will communicate with your developer, starting with the formulation of the tasks, the needs assessment and the acceptance and testing of the works.

Consulting and training

DG WEB FACTORY also provides consulting, training and instruction services to companies on website development projects.


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