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development of online stores

The development of WooCommerce online stores is one of the main specializations of DG WEB FACTORY. We have several years of experience in creating, modifying, optimizing and maintaining WooCommerce online stores.

Creating a WooCommerce online store design theme, configuring WooCommerce, connecting to payment systems, delivery systems, accounting systems and other third party systems.

We will create a fast, secure and convenient WooCommerce online store for you!

WooCommerce is a powerful, scalable platform that continues to gain market share worldwide thanks to its flexibility and user-friendly interface.


improved speed and performance

DG WEB FACTORY’s team of experts are not only the developers of WooCommerce, but also your strategic business partners. DG WEB FACTORY provides customized, full-cycle e-commerce solutions. DG WEB FACTORY WooCommerce developers take the time to understand your customers, products and competition to create the most successful and enjoyable online shopping experience possible for your customers.

We have improved and optimized several WooCommerce online stores that our customers have approached. If the online store is slow, working with errors, it can be improved. Entrust the optimization of WooCommerce to the professional team of DG WEB FACTORY!


from any platform

If you already have an online store but want to migrate to WooCommerce, we can help you. DG WEB FACTORY enables the migration of online stores from various platforms to WooCommerce. We will migrate orders, customers, products, product categories, blog entries, images, galleries from your existing online store to WooCommerce.

We can add and update information about your products, such as name, description, price, using a CSV file that allows for bulk imports. Using this or any other similar method, it is possible to switch from another online store and transfer data.


WooCommerce scalability

WooCommerce is friendly to web developers. WooCommerce is built with the REST API, is scalable and can be integrated with virtually any system. DG WEB FACTORY provides WooCommerce integration with your company’s or other 3rd party systems.

Global community and popularity

There are thousands of WooCommerce developers in the world. Which gives you the freedom and opportunity to change your partner in the development or maintenance of WooCommerce at any time.

Convenient management

WooCommerce is a handy content management panel that lets you add, edit, view products and product categories, and easily manage orders and customers. WooCommerce content management is user friendly and intuitive.


WooCommerce has a variety of built-in analytics tools that allow you to analyze your sales data and generate reports that allow you to make more successful business decisions based on the data.


Protects buyer data to ensure the secure transmission and storage of encrypted information.

Easy integration

WooCommerce integrates with over 140 popular payment systems. Such as Stripe, Paysera, Visa, Apple Pay, Google Pay, Klarna and others.

Product variations

Ability to add product variations depending on product colors, fabrics, factory specifications, or other significant changes. In addition, it is possible to display a different image and price for each product variant.

SEO services

WordPress is an SEO friendly platform, WooCommerce is a favorite of the SEO community. By choosing WooCommerce, product SEO optimization is much easier, using SEO extensions and plugins can help optimize every online store’s product page.

Deliveries, location and taxes

Option to add a flat tax rate to all products. Ability to locate the customer to calculate delivery and tax rates as accurately as possible, as well as the ability to activate free delivery options or delivery restrictions in certain countries or cities.

WooCommerce hooks and filters

Professional WooCommerce development means knowing these terms, because Hooks in WordPres allows you to edit or add code without changing the WordPress kernel files, which is very useful because it only uses WP features and does not affect the most important files that will be updated from time to time. This way, we can add custom code in different places without changing the platform’s source code, following good WordPress development practices. It is important that the developer always adheres to this practice so that your WooCommerce store will run long, efficiently and error-free.

Different types of products

WooCommerce gives you the ability to sell both physical and digital products in an online store, such as books in .pdf format, videos, digital art, and more.

Discounts and coupons

In the WooCommerce online store, you have the opportunity to add product discounts to product groups, individual products, as well as the opportunity to add discount coupons when purchasing a product, by entering the code the customer receives a discount.

Automated invoicing

After placing an order in the online store, your customer will receive an automatically generated invoice with the invoice numbering format you want. You can also send invoices manually at the touch of a button if you want to modify the invoices before sending or send the invoice at the time you want, rather than automatically.

Control of user activities

You can add a function that will allow you to track the activities of your employees who work with the online store (for example, add goods, process orders). You will be able to see which employee did what, when and what (for example, deleting a product, changing prices, sending an invoice to a customer, etc.).

Abandoned cart monitoring

Many online shoppers leave the cart and do not complete the purchase. There can be various reasons for this. However, by tracking activities in your cart, you can remind these customers of your unfinished purchase. The online store offers an automated solution that will send reminder e-mails to customers about unfinished orders. This can make the customer come back and make a purchase.


about WooCommerce

How Much Does WooCommerce Online Store Development Cost?

The cost of setting up a WooCommerce online store depends on the product, product category, number of product filters, and the complexity of the functionality, whether integration with third-party systems such as a warehouse system will be required. Whether the WooCommerce online store will need to perform SEO optimization and whether you will post the content yourself or entrust it to us. As well as whether an individual design will be created or a ready-made design template or theme will be used. Prices for setting up a WooCommerce online store start at 2,000 euros.

How long does it take to set up a WooCommerce online store?

Setting up a WooCommerce online store takes anywhere from 4 weeks to several months, depending on the goals you set and the amount of work you do.

Does the WooCommerce online store require maintenance?

Yes, the WooCommerce online store needs maintenance, because any website needs maintenance and updating to be sustainable and optimal. You can learn more about maintenance in the WordPress Website Maintenance section.


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