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DG WEB FACTORY provides professional WordPress website development services. WordPress is a great engine for creating effective, SEO-friendly and device-specific websites. DG WEB FACTORY provides WordPress website development services, from strategy and planning to development, implementation and maintenance of WordPress websites.

We can migrate data from other platforms or databases, API integration and connection to various systems. With Cloud hosting, we can ensure the long-term scalability and performance of a WordPress website.

We will create a fast, secure and convenient website for you based on WordPress!


improved performance

WordPress website integration with existing company systems;

Development and integration of WooCommerce online stores with warehouse system, accounting system, etc .;

SEO optimization for WordPress website;

Basic SEO settings for a WordPress website;

WordPress website speed optimization;

Other custom programming according to specific wishes.


modern and functional

DG WEB FACTORY staff can create a unique WordPress website design that meets your wishes, needs and target audience. We will create a design that will be not only visually attractive, but also convenient for your website users.

The website design will be adapted to different devices – desktops, mobile devices and tablets.

If your company has a style book, then we can create a design based on your style book. If your company does not have a style book, DG WEB FACTORY designers can create a style book for your company.


about WordPress sites

How Much does WordPress Website Development Cost?

The price of developing a WordPress website depends on the functionalities that will be included in the WordPress website, whether it requires SEO optimization of the WordPress website, improving the speed of the WordPress website, the size of the WordPress website, whether the ready-made WordPress design theme will be used or develop a unique design WordPress theme specifically for you. Creating a WordPress website can cost from 1000 Euros to several  thousands of Euros.

How soon will a WordPress website be set up?

Creating a professional WordPress website takes from 4 weeks and up, depending on the amount of work planned for the specific project.

Are WordPress websites suitable for SEO?

WordPress websites are suitable for SEO optimization because WordPress has built-in functionality and various plugins are available to facilitate the SEO optimization process. You can learn more about SEO optimization in the section SEO optimization.

Does a WordPress website need maintenance?

Yes, WordPress websites need maintenance because the plugins and design theme need to be updated to meet security standards and updates for web browsers and various devices. You can learn more about maintenance in the WordPress website maintenance section.

What is the difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com?

There is a big difference between wordpress.org and wordpress.com. WordPress.org allows you to download a WordPress installation and install it on the hosting of your choice and add the necessary functionality. WordPress.com, on the other hand, is a platform where you can “rent” an already installed WordPress website with access to the administration panel. WordPress.com is privately owned and is an unrelated site to wordpress.org. WordPress.com can also choose a free plan, but then your website will show ads. WordPress.com has limited capabilities compared to wordpress.org.


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Project requirements analysis

Before creating a WordPress website, we will discuss your wishes and needs together with you, find out the purpose of the website and whether the most suitable solution for the project will be WordPress or need to choose another solution or develop a website from scratch.
Website requirements analysis is the most important stage of website development, therefore DG WEB FACTORY pays special attention to requirements analysis for further successful website development process.

Website development proposal

After a thorough analysis of the requirements, we will prepare a website development offer with a description, prices, design and deadlines. We also include in the offer our recommendations for more effective achievement of the website’s goals and various possible solutions for project development.

Website development service agreement

After the coordination of the offer and the approval of the offer, the agreement is agreed and signed and the advance payment is made on the basis of the mutually concluded agreement. The most common payment is made in 2 parts, 50% prepayment, starting work after signing the contract and the second part 50% after signing the handover and acceptance-handover deed.

WordPress website development

After signing the contract, the website development process follows. During the development, we will communicate with you and show you the work done within the deadlines specified in the contract, so that you are informed about the progress of the project.

WordPress website testing

The final stage of WordPress website development is followed by website testing and debugging and troubleshooting, if any.
Testing can take from one week to several months, depending on the size and complexity of the project.

WordPress website implementation

Once the testing of the WordPress website is complete, the next step is the process of implementing and publishing the website.

WordPress website maintenance

After the development and implementation of the WordPress website, the WordPress website must be maintained to ensure the continuous effective performance of the website and compliance with modern security standards and technologies.


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